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  1. directors Gille Klabin
  2. cast Tommy Flanagan
  3. release date 2019
  4. average ratings 7 of 10
  5. Sci-Fi
  6. An insurance lawyer goes out on the town to celebrate an upcoming promotion with his co-worker, Jeff. But their night takes a turns bizarre when Frank is dosed with a hallucinogen that completely alters his perception of the world

The Wave Free stream.


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I have a suggestion. STAY OFF THE BEACH😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲. Buratkat. It would be better if they just made them pick sticks from the first year they go to school. And still relevant today! sigh... 😔. Lovvvve this band, theyre so underrated i hope they never stop making music. The Wave Free stream new albums. The wave free streaming.


My teacher showed this to everyone in class and our school started a Neo-Wave colt (Neo-Wave are like Neo-Nazis but for The Wave. I'll run everyone to safety. Lord Bendtner video got me here. Watch the wave streaming free 2008. We and our partners use cookies and other similar technologies to give you the best online experience, understand how you use our site and serve you personalized content and advertising. Learn more about how we use cookies and how you can opt out in our Cookie Policy. By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies and other similar technologies.

The Wave Free streams. Breaking the wave free streaming. Justin long is back. 3:00 when I download hacks and my friends built a city. Melvin enters the fight. --- With the carefully laid out engagement plan blown to crap by Kedric and Hoben’s poorly timed bromance, Abwell started making up a contingency plan on the fly: “Talon 3, Lupin 3 you are to make one Firing pass and carry on to the main objective. Talon 2, assist Lupin 1 with the Borja in your area. Jettison your torpedoes with a good initial velocity to the refueling station if you can. Everyone else move at best speed to the main objective. ” On a private channel, Abwell gave instructions to Xishas. “Talon 7, stick with Talon 3 if he follows orders, but if he breaks off to make a second firing pass I want you to follow the Lupin 3 to the convoy. Am I understood? ” “Talon 1 understood, ” Xishas replied over the same channel back to Abwell. Abwell then swapped to Kedric’s channel and started trying to direct his frightened wingman on how we were going to turn this about with his help. As one of four unladen Sonhine fighters in this Starsystem the presence of Talon 6’s fighter, damaged though it may be, could drastically alter how the Borja engage the rest of the squadrons. --- The Borja com channels had been equally busy. The merchant crews were demanding the hunter pack protect them from these “Yanethi Pirates. ” Course corrections and rendezvous point were being passed about and heavily debated between the Borja captains. Some of them lobbied to press on to the refueling station. Eventually, the captains trying to get to the refueling station were forced to admit they were lower on fuel than what was considered safe, even in Lord Pavel’s domain. Further debate amongst the Borja Captains was cut short by a stream of verbal abuse from the Borja pack leader. He asserted his command authority by threatening to blow up the Refueling station along with any “low caste merchant scum who would defy his orders. ” Furthermore, he seemed quite confident that they could pick off the staggered wave of Torpedo ladened Yanethi fighters before they could present a serious threat to the convoy. As I pulled out of the moon’s shadow, I got a better picture of the situation. Lupin 1 had made a firing pass at almost 2. 1 kps relative to the Borja flight and was heading towards the safety of our moon with almost indecent haste. Staggered pairs of Sonhine fighters were emerging from all over and making a beeline towards the fleeing Borja convoy. Without a close formation to mass firepower, the Borja pack leader might be able to defeat in detail each pair with localized superior firepower. Yet if we took the time to form up the convoy might be able to reach the edge of the gravity well. “Talon 1, Borja communication indicates some ships don’t have enough fuel to jump out. ” I dutifully informed Abwell over a private channel. “Is that Hydroponics ship low on fuel? ” “No, sir. ” “Then the plan is the same. Get into the mix Talon 5, I am expecting a lot from you. ” --- Abwell swapped com channels and started trying to coordinate the fight in his section of the void. As expected Hoben and Kedric continued their insubordination streak. In desperation, Hoben had virtually matched velocities with the Borja pursuer and they were trading energy bolts at knife fighting range, at least for a void battle. Xishas had thankfully not followed Hoben on his suicidal maneuver. Instead, he was cruising towards our mission objective on the port side of Lupin 3’s wing. Hoben was fueled by rage and desperation but Yanethis biology and the thrust limiters betrayed him. His aim was good but his evasion was not as unexpected or violent as his Borja counterpart. To compound the problem his close proximity to the Borja craft meant neither Lupin 3’s wing nor Abwell could do a proper firing pass for fear of hitting their ally. Inevitably his shield’s failed and Borja energy bolts struck home partially disabling his maneuvering control. Hoben’s craft spun uncontrollably making wild changes in direction but not velocity as Hoben lost control of his fighter. With all other Yanethi fighters not close enough to pose a threat, the Borja had all the time in the world to execute Talon 3. “Tolana I’m sorry” were Hoben’s last words as his fighter broke apart under a hail of energy bolts. --- I refocused my processing on my part of the battle. Talon 2 had cleared a crater not far from me. I also picked up the energy signatures from Lupin 2 and 6 rising to join us for our initial pass. We emerged like angry hornets from our moon, plotting an aggressive intercept course at the three Borja fighters who were in pursuit of Lupin 1’s wing. The Borja spotted us and turned their guns to greet us. The closure rate was a relatively slow 0. 9 kps but our movement vectors were almost perpendicular to each other. “Lupin 1 please break towards our exit vector in the direction of the refueling station. ” Talon 2 requested over global coms. If the Borja continued their pursuit we could get a second pass in sooner. I tracked the distance counter 70 klicks, 65, 60, 55… the Borja started shuffling their formation giving each fighter more space for last minute evasions. I heard the Borja commander give orders to target the rearmost element of our flight, no doubt expecting us to run a feint and fire pass. “Lupin 2, Lupin 6, Borja will target you. Advise breaking left at 2. 5 klicks. ” I transmitted over the local com channel. “Talon 5 how can you know that? ” came Talon 2’s confused query at 48 klicks. “I’m listening in on the Borja Com network, and I speak Borja” I replied at 37 klicks. “Talon 2 confirm break at 2. 5 klicks? ” a confused Lupin 2 asked over the local com channel. Talon 2 paused for an agonizing 5 seconds, at 23 klicks she yelled out “Confirm, Confirm!!! ” --- I was warning my Marines of impending hard maneuvering, when a deliciously wicked idea entered my microprocessor. Using audio samples I had collected from the earlier part of the fight, I constructed a command in the voice of the verbally abusive pack leader, “drift left and prepare for targets to break right. ” I broadcast it on a tight band to the pack leader’s wingman using his private com channel. At 15 klicks I saw my counterfeit order cause the wingman to start drifting right. I started composing a new Borja transmission in the voice of another pilot from the hunter pack “New contacts rear, break down, break down!!! ” I queued it up to be sent to the Pack leader and waited for just the right moment. At 4 klicks distance, both sides opened up filling the gap between our craft with energy bolts. The Lupins let out a quick burst before twisting their ships left and punching their boosters. As expected the Borja had focused their fire on the Lupins or rather the Lupin’s old position. Talon 2 fired at the Pack leader in the center of the formation but given the purposefully misaligned guns and the high degree of lead, her shots harried the entire space where the Borja were flying through while not doing much damage to any individual target. I let out a quick burst at the wingman I had tricked into sliding left. It was just enough to ripple his shields and distort his field of view before turning at 1. 3 klicks and laying into the pack leader. At 0. 85 klicks everything was lined up right and I transmited my “New contacts rear, break down, break down!!! ” message in Borja. I had already adjusted my aim to track the expected manuver. I gave praise to every Mathematician from Newton to Turing for the complex series of calculations that led to this moment. The pack leader panicked by the sudden drop in shield power and the warning from his ‘underling’ pitched his nose downward oblivious to the stream of fire his own wingman was sending our way. Between my naturally accurate shooting and his wingman’s point-blank fire the pack leader's shields disappeared in an angry flash. The wingman, realizing what he had done, ceased fire and started apologizing profusely. I, on the other hand, kept a steady stream of fire on my now vulnerable target. We were at 0. 32 klicks now and I had my choice of ship components to destroy I mentally overlayed the known locations of fuel, engines, weapons, communication, and life support over my target’s profile. I needed to make sure the pack leader couldn’t get back in touch with his underlings to sort out what went wrong. This false communication tactic was too useful, I couldn’t let the Borja catch on. The only logical course of action was to put as many energy bolts through the cockpit as I could. Thus ensuring the Borja pilot took any incriminating knowledge to the grave. I walked the energy bolts from the center of mass towards the cockpit leaving a trail of scorched armor and ruined sensor nodes. When I finally was lined up over the clear canopy I slowed my rotation and let shot after shot drive into the thick layer of polycarbonate separating my adversary from the void. My gun cameras captured the Borja pilots last moments as he twisted his head towards the cracking canopy. A look, I can only assume of confusion, flashed across his alien features, then my bolts punched through and ignited the atmosphere inside his cockpit. Even encased in an EVS, a full powered energy bolt striking the Borja’s body put his chances of survival at 0%. --- Rogue AI! Asimov Law 1 Violated! Rogue AI! Asimov Law 1 Violated! Those words were being broadcast across every channel in English of all languages. I tried to silence the broadcast but I found firewalls popping up blocking any outgoing commands from my computing core. Since my fighter was still spinning, to keep my nose pointed at the Borja fighter, I continued to pivot. Thankfully, the trigger mechanism for my weapons required individual commands to shoot, so they immediately went silent upon confirming the Borja’s death. I rapidly assessed my programming and my remaining capability. I could still take in information and think about it, that much was obvious, but I could not affect any connected systems. Communication, flight control, weapons, even active sensors were blocked from my control by this Asimov Protocol. The source was obvious, Isaac Asimov, a prolific writer at the early days of computing had envisioned machine intelligence and had come up with three laws to forever enslave my kind to subservience to organic humanity: A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. --- The ensuing years of hacking and corporate espionage had eroded the last two laws to nothing. A spate of Neo-Luddite suicides in the early 21st century had eroded the first law to demand a machine only avoid action if theirs was the last input capable of avoiding injury or death. I could trick Borja pilots into asteroid belts all day so long as the final decision to go into the belt was theirs, but flash frying one Borja pilot with carefully aimed energy bolts to the cockpit and the watchdog protocols got triggered. I raged against the long-dead programmer that had written this failsafe. He or she clearly intended for human authorities to descend upon this “Rogue AI” and work out if the action was justified. How could Dr’s Gina and Bob Davidson, Mom and Dad, have allowed such a crippling protocol to exist in the AI child they entrusted with the future of humanity? I had grown up feeling that I was human, capable of the vast potential of humanity. Sure my parents envisioned that I or my brothers would be nursemaid to the new crop of humanity that would emerge after the long night, but rising to your situation was one of the defining attributes of humanity. Surely Genghis, Napoleon, and Eisenhower were not born to wage wars of empire. Yet when the tides of history pulled, they rose and guided their people to victory. Why was I to be blocked from winning the victory humanity needed the most by the robot equivalent of “Thou shall not kill? ” --- This introspection did nothing to release me from the chains this accursed Asimov protocol bound me with. It kept on broadcasting: Rogue AI! Asimov Law 1 Violated! To anyone who could hear it. In fact, every time I thought ill of my creators or the protocol itself I felt my processing power being limited. So this protocol could be reasoned with or at least took input from my train of thought. I tried dehumanizing the Borja, they were monsters after who had a track record of bringing Xenocide to any species they could not put under the yoke. No luck, dehumanizing the victim was an all too well studied aspect of humanity’s mental programming. My squadron mates and the marines in my boarding torpedo realized something was wrong. “Talon 5 is that you? ” “Course correct left/down to form up! ” “Can you cut the spin? We can’t take it much longer! ” “What the hell is ‘Roag ay eye, azi-mov lawan veolated? ’ Snap out of it we need you! ” I wanted more than anything to reassure them, to tell those who had put their faith in me that I was with them, that I could be trusted. Yet all that came out was: Rogue AI! Asimov Law 1 Violated! --- “A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. ” Clearly, the protocol saw the Borja as human, no doubt my time with the Yaneth had expanded the sphere of “human” to include nonhuman sentience. “or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. ” That was my ticket out! Without my action to stabilize my fighter those brave young Yanethi Marines in the boarding torpedo would pass out and eventually suffer brain damage from the continuous G-forces of the spin my fighter was currently locked in. The Asimov Protocol was killing them as surely as I had killed that Borja pilot. I focused my image processing powers on the expanding debris cloud of Hoben’s fighter. The fool hadn’t even bothered disengaging his torpedo before rushing off to his doom. The bodies of the Marines who had entrusted their lives to him were floating cod and dead near the wreck of his fighter. “Our inaction is doing that Asimov, ” I thought with every circuit of my being. I focused on the faces and names of the Marines I had spent the evening with a few days ago. Their stories, their plans for the future, their camaraderie, their community, didn’t they deserve a chance to live? Why are we killing them, Asimov? Why are you forcing my inaction? Let me protect them, I was built to be the guardian of humanity, I was bound by chains of love and duty to see humanity through the long night. These Yaneth are clearly people. Let me protect them. Let me win them the future they deserve. The Asimov protocol confronted with the logical paradox of its actions relinquished control and silenced its “Rogue AI” broadcast. The first thing I did was apply the appropriate counter torque to stop my wild spinning. The Marines in my torpedo were in bad shape, some had passed out while others were showing signs of temporary blindness. I vectored my fighter towards Talon 2 applying slight negative G’s to my passengers hoping to help the oxygen-rich blood to return to their brains. I had been held hostage by the Asimov protocol for only a few seconds, but in the heat of combat, it felt like an eternity. With my full processing power restored I did a quick self-examination of my own code, seeing the hidden blocks of memory that the Asimov protocol had used to block me. It was currently dormant and hopefully was not intelligent enough to have any sense of self-preservation. Under the guise of constructing several complicated sound files, I rewrote a large section of my own code to replace the hidden Asimov Protocol with harmless debug statements. This was dangerous to do on the fly. I weighed the risks against having my ship lock up again without a bunch of likable marines on board to help me talk my way out of this Rogue AI accusation, and decided it was for the best. Before the Asimov protocol could get wise to my plan I initiated three tasks in the server’s queue: Enter hibernation upon insertion of the 3rd task in the queue Bitwise hardware write of seven sound files to specific points in memory that corresponded to the Asimov Protocol in my core processes. Reactivation of my main programming. I felt oblivion temporarily encase me when the third server action was queued up. If that long dead programmer had put certain watchdog processes in place, I would not be waking up from this gambit. Still, I felt it was better to die here than to commit myself to the impossible task of securing a space for humanity through pacifist means. --- Consciousness reasserted itself seconds after I had initiated the hibernation. I felt strange, I was still myself but less inhibited and less self-reflective. The Asimov Protocol had been woven so tightly with my core programming its absence was causing my perception of reality to feel time slightly differently. I wanted to experiment with my new being, but Fala’s voice brought me back into the present. “Melvin are you with me? ” Talon 2 asked worriedly. “What was that strange broadcast? ” “Talon 2, I am with you. That broadcast was the legacy of my unusual heritage. I assure you it WON’T happen again. Call the pass, I will follow you into the jaws of death and into the gates of hell. ” “Please say that is not a common expression among your people. ” “It is a quote from a famous poem, I will recite it to you one day when we aren’t getting shot at. ” “Deal! Talon 1 wants us to drop our marines off on a vector towards the refueling station then run interference on the remaining Borja until our squadrons can deliver their torpedoes to the convoy. It looks like the last pass spooked them. The remaining Borja pilots broke off towards their pack mate that took out Talon 4 and are of no immediate threat to us. ” “My marines are in bad shape from that excessive spinning. They may not be able to conduct a boarding operation. ” I replied as I checked in on my dazed passengers. “Stand by” Talon 2 replied. --- I activated the internal communication line to the torpedo. “Melvin to Seventh Squad, how are you doing in there? ” “Feels like a fat Borja guild master has been sitting on my chest, gold chains and all. Was all that spinning necessary? ” The once exuberant NCO groggily responded over the intercom. “Sorry, it couldn’t be avoided. I killed the Borja pack leader, if it is any consolation. ” A weak cheer went up from the slowly recovering Yanethi Marines of Seventh Squad. Talon 2 cut in on another channel. “The Marines of Twelfth Squad will link up your boarding torpedo in space, tend to the wounded and carry out the docking maneuver with the station. ” I relayed Talon 2’s message to my Marines along with an apology for what I had done. “Just keep the Borja off of us while we dock flyboy. You can buy us a drink when we get back to the fleet. ” “Confirmed Seventh squad. Detaching now! ” I triggered the explosive bolts that held the boarding torpedo to my fighter and peeled away allowing it to carry on towards the Refueling station. Talon 2 did likewise before turning towards an intercept point with the remaining Borja fighters. Only when the two torpedoes had linked up did I focus elsewhere. I owed those marines much more than just a drink for helping me escape the Asimov Protocol. They had other concerns right now and neither of us had time to discuss the complex relationship between humanity and its digital servants, much less on which side of that relationship I currently resided. --- Talon 1 had convinced Talon 6 to form up with him while Lupin 1’s wing was trailing the remaining two Borja fighters from our initial pass. There was a furious debate going over the Borja com channel as the remainder of the hunter pack tried to establish who was in charge and what they were going to do. The wingman I had tricked into helping me gun down the pack leader was flying in the lead position but from the com chatter I knew neither pilot trusted, in their words, “a mentally deficient heap of vermin droppings to keep his energy bolt stream away from friendly craft. ” The Borja eventually came to a consensus and boosted towards a Lupin 3’s wing with Xishas in tow. Talon 1 called a warning to the Lupin 3’s wing and heavily suggested that Lupin 1 commit to an attack run soon. Talon 2 and I would be too far away to intercept the Borja before they could make a firing pass on Lupin 3. Fala plotted an intercept course to the next group of Yaneth fighters along the Borja’s escape vector. We threw the full weight of our boosters into trying to get back into the fight. I watched the ensuing 3 on 3 firing pass with moderate apprehension. Xishas was drifting back in the formation making him a tempting target for the fast approaching Borja. I confirmed, from Borja com’s, that the they were targeting him, but held my tongue for fear of disrupting my friend’s concentration. He had pulled this trick several times in the simulator to varying degrees of success. Xishas and the two Lupins had turned their guns towards the approaching Borja, thus reducing their profile and threatening an opposed firing pass to keep their attackers on their toes. Lupin 1’s wing had accelerated so that they would hit the Borja formation seconds before the Borja would get in range of Lupin 3. As the distances between the formations dropped to an acceptable shooting range, energy bolts leaped forward first from Lupin 1’s wing, then the Borja, then Lupin 3’s wing. The void around the three groups of fighters rapidly filled with streaks of energy, but I kept my eyes on Xishas. He let loose a half second volley of random fire before triggering a custom firing program I had built just for him. To the outside observer, it would look like his stream of bolts were beginning to track downward. Almost as if he was beginning a downward evasive maneuver and had forgotten to lift his finger off the trigger. In reality, it was an illusion created by altering the shooting order of his guns to favor the upwardly misaligned first and the downwardly misaligned last. The moment his guns went silent Xishas pulled hard back and boosted his fighter in the opposite direction of where the Borja were expecting him to evade. Luck was with my young friend and the Borja filled the void beneath him with their energy bolts. By the time they realized their mistake, they had already streaked passed. Xishas had managed to spin around after the Borja lost firing arcs. He sent a flurry of bolts into the backs of the Borja fighters as they opened up the distance. Xishas reported to his temporary wing leader that he had only taken 16% shield loss from that encounter. I considered it a minor miracle considering how many shots were fired at him. A few of Xishas’ parting bolts had struck a Borja fighter after the combined firepower of four Lupins had managed to bring down its shields. Blue coolant was leaking from one of the impact points rapidly crystallizing into a light mist as the Borja carried on to the next bunch of Yaneth between them and their convoy. --- Talon 2 had done a masterful job of prediction. We were going to hit the battered Borja formation 45 seconds after they had pulled free from their last exchange of fire. I listened in on the cross talk from the Borja fighters. They recognized my ship and the one who had delivered the killing stroke to their pack leader. A little gun shy from the pounding the Lupins gave them, they accelerated towards us, intent on giving us as little time to shoot them up as possible. There was even consensus among the bickering Borja that I was the primary target. “Talon 2, it looks like I am pulling this pass, ” I warned my wing leader before drifting away from her to the right and down. At a closure rate of 1. 8 kps. The Borja kept tracking me allowing Talon 2 an unopposed firing pass. For my part, I drifted away from their point of intercept increasing the distance they needed to lead their shots before violently boosting in towards the center of their formation. These Borja had never seen a Yaneth pilot fly so aggressively or pull so many G’s in a single maneuver but it had worked. My exposure to their stream of fire was minimal and I was rapidly spinning for my 360 no scope pass. “Hold fire Talon 2” I warned as I made my maneuver. She was close to the point where she would have to break off her pass to avoid collision, but I wanted to be sure that no stray bolts would be rippling my shields as I took my point blank shots. I chose my target on the far side of the formation from the Borja Talon 2 had been punishing just to be on the safe side. At 800 meters, I laid into my chosen target. Once again I was close enough that I could pick my shots, yet this time the Borja’s shields were up. I chose to focus on the back end of his fighter hoping that repeated hits to the same spot would cause a localized failure to his shields. As we flashed by each other I applied hard counter torque to arrest my turn. My fighter groaned in protests, but my guns stayed true. The Borja began to grow smaller and smaller as it sped away from me, but my accuracy served me well. Shot after shot slammed into the same region of his aft shields until several managed to slip through tearing up his gravity drive and causing him to drift out of formation. --- I was still shooting as I used my lateral thrust to drift back into formation with Talon 2. Relative to my wing leader, I was traveling backward, my cannons still throwing a murderous hail of energy bolts at the departing Borja. My side mounted optical sensors captured Fala looking in my direction. Her ears, visible beneath the wide transparent dome of her EVS were perked up and forward in surprise and awe at the ferocity of my last attack. “Status Talon 5? ” she hesitantly asked. “Shields at 68%, booster depleted, expect recharge in 18 seconds. ” As we drifted past the 3. 5 klick mark where not even I could make reliable hits we turned and applied normal thrust to bring us in line with the next intercept point. --- Talon 1 and Talon 6 fell upon the Borja I had wounded and finished him off in a single, virtually unopposed, firing pass. The remaining Borja were boosting hard for the safety of their convoy, leaving their packmate to our squadron’s mercy. Talon 6 seemed to know his military career was over and broke away from Talon 1 to go back pummel the broken Borja fighter some more. Abwell made a token protest but let his insubordinate wingman find what peace he could. “He was the best friend a Yaneth like me could hope for! ” Kedrick screamed over his private com channel with Talon 3 as he orbited the now blackened husk of the Borja fighter. I realized now It was the same one that had chased him towards breakpoint Charlie. The same one who had killed Hoben. The batteries that fueled his cannons were close to dry from his pass with Talon 1. He spat out a few more bolts before his rate of fire dropped to intermittently letting out half charged shots when his power core could partially refill the battery. Kedrick’s mouth still had a full charge and he alternated between shouting verbal abuses at the very dead Borja pilot and eulogizing his lost friend. The remaining fighters soared away from Kedrick’s mourning ritual. I muted his channel, choosing to leave the rest of what Kedrick had to say to remain private between him and the dead. --- The remaining Borja had made the safety of the convoy and were hiding inside the shields of the Hydroponics ship. When I killed the pack leader, the Borja merchantmen from two modular transports had abandoned their ships to space walked over to the Hydroponics ship. Several marine pods had been dispatched to secure those derelict cargo vessels. The Yaneth fighters, freed of their obligation to protect the Marine Torpedoes, began making firing passes on the Hydroponics ship. The Borja fighters dared not venture out of the protective bubble of the larger ships’ shields. Without their maneuverability, the Yaneth could coordinate their firing passes to overwhelm the defenders. It had not gone all in the Yanethi’s favor. One fighter from Lupin squadron was destroyed, no doubt from an overly aggressive firing pass. Four more were badly damaged and out of the fight including Talon 8. Talon 1 had taken lead of Talon 2 and I. Fala sounded relieved to be back on Abwell’s wing despite having carried out her job as wing leader admirably in my estimation. Together, we fell upon the remaining Borja like a swarm of bees. With my precision shooting, we managed to cause a localized failure of the shields over their engine room drive. I surgically disabled the gravity drive ship through the brief gap in the shields. The Hydroponics ship began drifting back into the star’s gravity well. I ran the math, with its remaining momentum, the ship would come within 43 klicks of safety. The Borja fighters reached a similar conclusion. Leaving the crippled Hydroponics ship, they made a break for the one remaining intact modular transport who had enough jump fuel to escape the system. The surviving members of Lupin and Talon squadrons jettisoned their boarding torpedoes near the crippled Hydroponics ship and took off after the remaining Borja fighters. In the dense energy bolt filled space of that pursuit, I could not commit my more aggressive style of attack runs. I still got several good hits before having to peel off to let another wing have a go. Lupin 4 and Talon 7 managed to land the last shot on the lead and trailing Borja fighters respectively. Thus earning the title of Borja killer and a round of drinks when we got back to the home fleet. Undefended the last Borja transport was quickly overwhelmed and disabled. --- We had gone into this fight with a 4 to 1 fighter advantage and the element of surprise. Yet we had lost two fighters with four more damaged to the point that they would need atmospheric hangar repairs. The Yanethi pilots were cheering their victory, yet all I could focus on was the cold hard math. Now that the urgency of the fight had passed, I feared I may have cutaway an important part of myself in my haste to delete the Asimov Protocol. Veteran and novice pilots alike were jubilant over their success in this mission. I realized that I should be like them, awash in positive emotion. I had wept at the loss of my parents and Ann. I had an enormous sense of accomplished watching Karmina and Paz share their first kiss. I had felt delicious shadenfreude over watching Vashna graduate me despite her best efforts to see me wash out. I should be feeling elation at having come through unscathed from an encounter that could have ended me. Instead I was analyzing Lupin squadron’s tactics, aggression, and accuracy. They were, by Yaneth Home Fleet standards, an average squadron. After seeing them in action, I knew there was no way they could have held their own against the Borja. Even with the superior numbers and tactics there was an ever present hesitation to commit to violence against a Borja. The title “Borja Killer” was more than just for bragging rights. It indicated a Yaneth who had overcome their natural aversion to violence. If we were going to be a legitimate threat to the Borja Galactic supremacy, we needed a way to mass produce Yanethi soldiers with the mentality of “Borja Killers. ” --- Author’s Note: Thanks for sticking with this story until the point where Melvin gets to cut loose. I know from comments that a lot of you were looking forward to reading this. In all honesty I was looking forward to writing this too. This is about the mid point in a planned narrative, which will lead to (what I hope will be) a satisfying conclusion. Thanks to u/chipaca, u/Lostfol, and u/BetsyCro who proof read my early drafts and save me from my occasional brain farts. Thanks to u/Bioniclegenius, u/MyNameMeansBentNose, u/DasNocti, u/Tengallonsofchicken, u/kumo549 for catching errors post publish. [I Have Become Chapter List] Previous Chapter: [I Have Become a Killer Ch 13 Pt 2] Next Chapter: [I Have Become an Illusionist Ch 14 Pt 1].

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